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Flash Fiction Challenge: Scary Story Part 2

This week's challenge was to pick someone else's Scary Story Part 1 and write the Part 2, again not finishing it. In case you missed it, my Part 1 is here. For my part 2, I chose this story by Matthew Gomez. It was a lot of fun to take someone else's characters and run with them. I hope he likes what I did. It'll be interesting to see if anyone finishes this story and what they do with it. If they do, I'll post a link in the blog. What Lurks in … [Read the Rest...]

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Scary Story Part 1

This week's challenge was to write the beginning of a scary story, ideally the first act, and post it to the terrible minds website. Then next week, everyone will pick one of the beginnings, and write the second act. The next week, everyone will finish a story, so that we … [Read More...]

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Iconic Scene Re-work

This week's challenge was to take an iconic scene, ideally from something most people have seen, and re-write it in another genre. I picked the battle of wits scene from The Princess Bride, but as a Western. When I saw that another person had posted a story with the same … [Read More...]


Flash Fiction Challenge: D & D Character Generator

This week's challenge was to go to this website, which randomly rolls a D & D character, and write a story based on that character. I got "A curious human rogue from a floating city who doesn't believe in hygiene." I let my inner nerd fly a bit with this one, … [Read More...]