Flash Fiction Challenge: Apocalypse Now!

Hooray Flash Fictions are back! This week's challenge was to write a "rare, strange, unparalleled" apocalypse. Hopefully you'll find this one fits the bill. “What do we have this time?” I stepped out of the car, and Matt handed me a large coffee. He knows me well. “Weirdest thing. It looks like some sort of animal attack, but nobody can tell what kind. The teeth marks are like nothing I’ve ever seen.” “Well, did we get some kind of … [Read the Rest...]

NaNoWriMo, or in my case, NaNoStaMo

Big news: I have started writing my first novel. I’m fairly certain it’s going to suck. I sincerely doubt I’ll even let anyone read it, let alone publish it. But I’m doing it anyway. I got a story idea way back last spring, when I first started writing fiction again, and I … [Read More...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Scary Story Part 3

First the awesome news: not 1, not 2, but 3 people took my Scary Story Part 1 and continued it to part 2!! It's funny because I had a bit of an idea where the story seemed to head, but all 3 interpretations went in a completely different direction. It'll be cool to see if … [Read More...]

Flash Fiction Challenge: Scary Story Part 2

This week's challenge was to pick someone else's Scary Story Part 1 and write the Part 2, again not finishing it. In case you missed it, my Part 1 is here. For my part 2, I chose this story by Matthew Gomez. It was a lot of fun to take someone else's characters and run with … [Read More...]